Ouabain -

the forgotten heart remedy

The story of a remedy that could disrupt the current heart attack industry

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"It would change the treatment of heart failure,

not the world.

But the treatment of heart failure."

Hauke Fuerstenwerth, Researcher, 2015

Why should you know about Ouabain?


Clinical Proof

Ouabain is a remedy that had been used successfully in Europe for many decades in treatment of heart failure. Current research not only confirms but explains the efficacy of Ouabain.



Ouabain has unique effects on the heart and the nervous system. Every physician who uses it can easily proof that it makes many other currently used heart drugs obsolete.


Side Effects

Many MDs who use Ouabain since many years say that one significant advantage of this remedy is that it has nearly no side-effects. And if, they are harmless and manageable.

"The appreciation of Ouabain has strangely undergone a unique zig-zag development unseen by any other medication - from enthusiastic praise and ubiquitous application to complete damnation."

"The time will come, in which failure  to  timely  start  Ouabain  therapy  will  be  condemned
as medical malpractice."

Ernst Edens, Researcher, 1948

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